My friend, Tim Dyk, (his blog) has travelled the world unveiling the horrors of human trafficking through photography.  Now back in the States he’s been on a journey to discover what is happening in regards to human trafficking in the United States as he’s been narrating the documentary Sex+Money.

In a recent interview with Andrew Kooman, Tim said:

“After traveling around the United States learning about the issue, I originally thought I would have a lot more photos about the issue…but it turns out we didn’t have a whole lot of time for capturing the issue through photography. It turned out the ideas that I was thinking about were a bit more abstract than I felt I could communicate through my photos. With painting, I like that I am able to visually portray an abstract idea much more than I would be able to in trying to take a single photo of something that actually already exists visually and physically in reality. With painting you can put a huge variety of visual concepts onto one space – and I think it turns out for this issue of human trafficking, it’s so diverse that I feel painting is the best way I know how to communicate the diversity and the underlying abstractions of what is happening.”